Fashion Ankara Print Fabric – Multicolour

Fashion Ankara Print Fabric – Multicolour


African Fabrics
This is the quality of being outstanding; it is synonymous with high quality, superiority, peerless, value and virtuosity.Fabrics are made of, authentic and originality of products and brands.
Prints remain choice for everyday personalities and clout in the media, corporate world, politicians and fashionistas and has designers signature in the African community and beyond.African textiles can be used as historical documents. cloth can be used to commemorate a certain person, event, and even a political cause.
Much of the history conveyed had more to do with how others impacted the African people, rather than about the African people themselves The tapestries tell stories of Roman and Arab invasions, and how the impact of Islam and Christianity affected African life. The same is true of major events such as colonialism, the African Slave Trade, even the Cold War.
African textiles also have significance as historical documents, offering perspectives in cases where written historical accounts are unavailable: “History in Africa may be read, told and recorded in cloth

Material: 100% Cotton
Vibrant Patterns
Colour is permanent, does not washoff
Machine Washable

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