Honda 5hp – G200 Manual Multipurpose Engine

Honda 5hp – G200 Manual Multipurpose Engine


Most times we run our generators for long hours due to the need for constant power supply. Owing to this fact, generators need to be maintained regularly to ensure they continue to perform effectively. What better way to care for your generator than by updating it with the Honda G200 5hp Manual Multipurpose Engine. It is effective, reliable and delivers high performance. It runs on the normal Petrol and it has a fuel tank capacity of 4.3 litres. It is energy-efficient so you do not have to constantly top up the fuel. A full tank will last you for over eight hours.
The Honda G200 5hp Manual Multipurpose Engine delivers 3.75 kilowatts of power at a speed of 3600 rpm. Likewise, it has an oil capacity of 0.7 litres and it is a forced splash system so oil is efficiently distributed. It uses either the B4HS or BR4HS (NGK) spark plug. It also has a recoil starter for turning it on and a ground of primary circuit for turning it off. The Honda G200 Engine has a forced air cooling system that ensures it does not overheat. It uses a horizontal type carburettor and butterfly type valves

Key Features
Lubricating System: Forced Splash
Air Cleaner: Oil Bath Type
Lubricating Oil capacity: 0.7l
5 Horse Power

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