LG 6Gas Burner With Full LED Display & Dual Heating Technology With 153L Oven&Grill

LG 6Gas Burner With Full LED Display & Dual Heating Technology With 153L Oven&Grill


Get the results you want with the beauty, power and reliability of LG stainless steel gas and electric ranges and ovens. Whether you have a modern, traditional or farmhouse kitchen, these stunning appliances combine form and function—seamlessly.

Cook Tastily, Clean Easily, Use Friendly
Solid, Intuitive and Ergonomic Design in harmony with your kitchen.

Powerful Burner to Cook Fast
The Triple UltraHeat™ Burner with powerful heating of 3.3KW makes Even Cooking and reduces the cooking time remarkably.

Speedy Pre-Heating
3 times Faster Pre-Heating with Dual Heating technology of electric grilling heater on top and gas baking heater at the bottom. Enjoy your cooking with LG Dual Heating’s benefits.

20 Minutes Spotless Cleaning Only with Water
With a hydrophilic enamel coating, you can easily remove any residue with nothing but water. Just wipe away any residue after spraying water inside the oven pressing EasyClean™ button to activate 20 minutes cleaning course and wipe away.

Handle Any Size of Meal
LG Cooker offers you largest capacity(153L) to give you the flexibility to cook large foods such as whole chicken.

Stop the Glass Cover from Slamming
The Safe Closing Damper prevents the glass cover from being suddenly shut. Even if you let go of the cover, it will be suspended at 45º degrees.

Keep Safe from Suffering Burns
The 3 layered Oven Glass is very rigid and maintains 10℃ lower than the conventional one while it is on for the safe cooking. Enjoy your cooking time with LG Gas Cooker without any worries.

Convenient and Easy Preset Off-Time
Easily preset the Auto-Off time of LG New Cooker while it is on. LG New Cooker automatically turns off according to the preset time. Don’t worry about burning the food any more while cooking.

Various Foods at the Same Time
6 burners make it possible to cook with various types of pots and pans at the same time. With Cast Iron Griddle you can easily multiple foods at once.

About the Brand
LG is the number one brand in the electronics and home appliances market in Nigeria. Over time, LG has carved a niche for itself in the highly, dynamic and competitive electronics and home appliances market environment through a combination of its superior quality and affordability. The LG range is supported by sales & service centres and a 2 year warranty. Their philosophy is to ensure that all LG products are reliable, innovative and affordable

  • Burners: 6 Gas
  • Color: Silver (Oven-blue inside )
  • Oven Capacity: 153 L
  • Grill: Electric (on Top ) + Gas (On Bottom )
  • Control: Mechanic + Glass touch
  • Display: LED

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