Compressor 10 Year Warranty & Made in KoreaLG manufatures LG`s own compressor based on durability and high technology. Now we present 10 year warranty not only Inverter Linear compressor but also Inverter, Recipro compressor with our reliable technology. Compressor of the product is made by LG and we manufature compressors in LG’s own facility. It`s hard to find the brand which manufatures compressors by themselves though.

5 Days maintaining the temp. degree of -18 ℃ to -1 ℃You can have peace of mind with LG Chest Freezer which maintains the temperature degree of -18℃ to -1℃ during power-cut. Always keep your food fresher and longer with LG’s technology.
*Based on LG internal test method, the elapsed time for temperature rising from -18℃ to -1℃ in freezer while the power is turned off.A certain food could spoil and ice cream may melt as temperature increases. Consumers shall check the quality of the food before they take. (Ambient temperature : 32℃, Load conditions : 150.125kg for GR-K25D & 223.75kg for GR-K35D, No Door Open)

Stabilizer Free(LVS&HVS)LG fully covers the voltage fluctuation.LG guarantees voltage fluctuation range 135V ~ 290V. No need to worry anymore about abnormal stopping with LG Refrigerator.

LED Lighting- Energy Consumption: LED Lighting is more Energy efficient.- Save your bill: LED is a semi-permanent. You don’t need to change it and it consumes much less energy.- Easy to find: Bright white lighting will let you find the right food in a short time. Keep cold-air as bonus to save your money.

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