Reprocare Prenatal x30

Reprocare Prenatal x30


Infertility and Environmental Factors


Infertility is an increasing problem for many couples world-wide. Smoking, caffeine, drug and alcohol consumption, stress, exposure to oxidative damage from environmental toxins, and natural aging all contribute to infertility. However, the causes of infertility are often treatable. Reducing or eliminating the intake of alcohol, tobacco, prescription or nonprescription drugs, or avoidance of environmental contaminants can enhance fertility. Likewise, a balanced nutritional diet, and a balanced and targeted nutritional supplement like Reproaid Men’s Formula for men’s unique needs, or Reproaid Women’s Formula, targeted to support women, can help sustain a healthy reproductive system and increase the chances for conception.


Healthy Pregnancy and Nursing


After what can often be a difficult road to conception, prenatal nutrition becomes critical. A mother and growing child’s health are paramount and require the support of a high-quality multivitamin, multimineral and antioxidant formula to foster proper development of the child, and ensure the mother has all the nutrition she requires to stay healthy and strong. Reprocare is specifically formulated to support mother and child through this critical stage. Even after birth, Reprocare can be taken by the new mother for continued nutritional support while nursing.

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