Royal 3HP Floor Standing Air Conditioner | ZA3RFAC

Royal 3HP Floor Standing Air Conditioner | ZA3RFAC


Model :  ZA3RFAC

3HP Split Unit

Low Voltage Starter (LVS)

Sleep Mode


Auto Restart

Anti-fungus Function

Quick cooling

Anti-rust Cabinet.

Low Voltage Starter(LVS)

Royal air conditioner operates at lower voltage in lower temperature. Reducing the power reduces potentially damaging electrical and mechanical shocks on the air conditioner.

Anti-fungus Function

When the Air Conditioner is turned off from dehumidifying mode, the indoor fan motor will keep running at a low speed for 3 minutes to dry the AC so as to proof fungus on the evaporators. To enable this function, press the “Anti-Fungus” button when the AC is turned off.


The Air Conditioner can automatically memorize the operation setting when power is accidentally cut off. It can return to previous setting when power is on

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